If you are interested in getting the best private tennis coaching in San Diego, Play Tennis!™ California is certainly an option worthy of your consideration. Whether you are looking for a Pacific Beach tennis club or a La Jolla tennis academy, we have locations in both regions so you are never too far to drive to your private, one-on-one tennis classes with our tennis director, Frederic Dewitte.

Likewise, it doesn’t matter if you are searching for San Diego tennis for kids, group tennis lessons for any age and skill level, or private tennis lessons for adults. Whether you are a skilled junior looking to fine-tune your strokes or are new to the sport and want a top-class, former Grand Slam professional player to be your private tennis coach in San Diego, Play Tennis!™ California represents a fantastic blend of innovation, friendliness and practical tennis knowledge.

Fred Dewitte, a former World Top 150 ITF Junior player, has his degree in International Affairs and Psychology. He uses his diverse background to offer a unique approach to tennis lessons; expect house music drops, mental analysis, and an instructor who utilizes a holistic approach when it comes to teaching and improving his students’ games. Frederic Dewitte is also a native speaker of Japanese, French, and English, and that is something many folks love about taking tennis classes from our director.

We’d love to continue to describe what sets our San Diego tennis academy apart from the rest, but we have a promised blog topic to get to! With that in mind, keep reading if you are interested in learning how to find a tennis coach, and what traits you should be specifically looking out for when it comes to your instructor’s style.

Aligning Your Goals

The traits and style of your tennis instructor should line up with your personal goals. Now, we don’t mean that there are serious, professional tennis instructors and then there are tennis instructors that are all about fun and nothing else. Rather, the key is that you need to be open and communicative with your tennis coach about what your priorities are. A balance can be achieved between hardcore improvement and having fun (that’s the best option, in our opinion), but your instructor might not be aware of your goals unless you express them.

Likewise, you need to find a tennis coach that is willing to communicate. That shouldn’t be too much trouble, as it’s part of their job. Just be sure you don’t get into a square-peg-round-hole situation where your instructor has a “my way or the highway” mentality. Taking tennis lessons should be a give and take, a two-way street. Finding someone who can be both challenging and empowering is the ticket, and although we might be slightly biased, that is exactly what you can find at Play Tennis!™ California in La Jolla and Pacific Beach!

Ask Your Friends Or Playing Mates

This might have already occurred to some of you, but word-of-mouth references still do the trick. Ask your teammates or tennis-playing friends if they know of any high-quality local tennis instructors in the area. Don’t be shy about asking them specifics, either. Ask them what they liked about him or her in addition to what they didn’t like. If your friend or teammate is willing, you could sit in on their next lesson with that professional so you can get an in-person experience of what you could expect should you choose them as your future instructor.

Use The “Find-A-Pro” System

The United States Professional Tennis Association, or USPTA, is the very largest association of professional tennis instructors in the entire world. The chances are high that if you find a USPTA certified coach, they’ll be an instructor you’ll enjoy working with. Use the United States Professional Tennis Association’s “find-a-pro” database right here to find a list of coaches in your local area. Likewise, you can also search through the Professional Tennis Registry’s database. They have four levels of certification, from Associate Instructor to Master Professional. Of course, you are already here at Play Tennis!™ California’s official site. So you might not need to do any more searching, since your search has likely ended!

Compose A List Of Criteria

Rather than being passive in the process, it’s helpful for some people to have an idea of qualities that their tennis instructor must possess to be a suitable coach for them or their children. Examples of necessary characteristics might include having five years of experience as a coaching professional, being a 5.0 (skill level rating), getting good feedback online and from the tennis community in general, and agreeing with the training methods of the coach.

These criteria might change depending on whether you are looking for an instructor for yourself or your child. You might want to find a local tennis class for your child that helps them foster a love for the sport, so playing games and having a light-hearted atmosphere for your young one might be key. Conversely, if you are looking for adult tennis classes in San Diego, you might want someone who doesn’t pull their punches, but tells you what you need to hear to get you to that 4.0 or 4.5 rating you’ve been seeking. It really depends on what you are looking for. And, again, some coaches are able to be flexible, according to the needs of their students. Fred Dewitte is exactly that kind of flexible tennis instructor of San Diego, for the record.

Consider Play Tennis!™ California

If you are ready to get the best tennis training in San Diego, consider Play Tennis!™ California and our superior quality tennis instruction. We host a diverse and open tennis community that balances competitiveness with fun and teamwork. With locations in University City and Ingraham St., we are just a short drive away for the majority of San Diego residents. Contact us today for free information! We’d love to hear from you.