Here in our inaugural post, we’d like to take the time to let our readers know who we are and what we can do for your tennis game. We are happy to tell you that your tennis game can improve leaps and bounds from its current level. How can we be so sure, having never seen you play? It’s because Play Tennis!™ California is not your ordinary tennis camp, and neither is our founder Frederic Dewitte an ordinary tennis instructor.

Our Tennis Director, Frederic Dewitte

We aren’t just blowing smoke, either. Frederic Dewitte designs his San Diego tennis classes to bring up every aspect of your game by multiple levels. Yes, Freddy is a former grand slam professional and is equipped with the skillset to refine the strokes and footwork of advanced tennis players, but our training approach goes beyond the surface-level. Utilizing a holistic approach, you should expect every aspect of your game to be challenged before you see improvement.

We analyze the mental and technical sides of your game while employing alternative tennis coaching techniques, like playing upbeat, inspirational house music to aid in communicating tempo-related concepts that are integral to your tennis game.

Everyone Should Be Able To Play

We have a core belief that anyone who has an interested in playing tennis should be able to do so. As Fred himself puts it, “Talent can be hidden anywhere, regardless of socioeconomic status. So can ambition – the kind that can take a player to the top of the world.” We are here to help anyone, regardless of background or skill level, develop a love for the game while helping them improve at the same time.

Junior Tennis Classes In San Diego

Since 2011, we’ve been offering both adults and kids tennis lessons. Whether you are looking for private tennis lessons or are interested in group tennis classes, we have a variety of options to choose from. Get details about our tennis for kids programs here!

Adult Membership

In addition to our junior tennis programs, we also have a few options when it comes to tennis classes for adults. Choose between private and group tennis classes, with a range of choices (one hour, four hour pack, eight hour pack, etc.) for each class type. While you are researching your options, make sure you check out our testimonial videos from current students simply by scrolling to the bottom of our adult tennis lessons page!

Our Locations

We have two separate locations, with a La Jolla tennis academy and a Pacific Beach venue to choose between for your convenience. You can find details for each location here, in addition to a schedule for each as well.

Consider California’s Premiere Tennis Academy In San Diego

Our mission is to modernize access to superior tennis instruction to a culturally diverse tennis community. Our director, who is fluent in English, French, and Japanese, has a multilingual, dynamic tennis coaching style. With our La Jolla and Pacific Beach locations providing easy-access for our students, we are excited to continue to provide an exceptional level of tennis coaching in both group and private lessons. If you are interested in signing up for your first class, view our schedule today!