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Tennis Lessons San Diego – The Three Principles

At play tennis! California, we believe all have potential to attain and surpass that personal threshold level from which point the sport’s athletic, intellectual and emotional dimensions are clearly experienced. We believe one’s journey to this level and beyond should be in an environment of dynamic tennis-specific physical movement, technically sound ball striking and most importantly, positivity.

Adults Tennis Lessons – An Overview

All play tennis! California Classes are one hour and are kept at an instructor: student ratio of 1:4 or less to ensure the highest quality of instruction. All Adult Classes, regardless of level, commence with a 5 minute period of dynamic warm-up and stretch followed by technical overview of key stroke mechanics.

Next, rapidly paced hand and racket-fed ground stroke drills follow with continuous, instant, individualized feedback to approach each student to his or her technical potential. Live-ball cooperative drills start as the class approaches 50% completion. This stage of the class is marked by high involvement of the instructor into the assigned drills. Rapidly paced, class-customized competitive games close as class time comes to an end.

10-and-Under Juniors Tennis Lessons – An Overview

All 10-and-Under Classes have one principal focus: to ensure an abundantly positive, happy tennis experience for every child. Technically sound advice is conveyed to each child as his or her attentive temperament allows during physically dynamic drills. Instruction is game-based and heavily emphasizes the play tennis! California Principle of “Fun.” Committed Juniors are advised to complement weekly Group Classes with a minimum of one Private Session per week.